1 Wishing Well
2 Paymennt Day
3 Night
4 Silver Sailor
5 Modern Man
6 Pounding On The Door
7 Holy
8 Price Of Progress
9 The Journey

The Journey

Released: 7/24/2012, 


If you are reading this now, it is to suit reason. You have been chosen to join us on the Journey.

The Journey will gift you instantly with that warm familiar voice of our wise oracle, summoned here and accompanied by modern day jangle priests.

Priests of highest caliber.

Within, awaits a diverse web of their collaborative spells. Spells that will open to you new pathways. Some paths sunny, drenched in dew bead's glisten. Some, dark and murky, snaking wise down mystic forest trail. Others, transient, soft psych mantras and all so finely spun.


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